Useful Resources

There is a big pickleball world out there. Here are some useful landing spots.

WILLIAMSBURG PICKLEBALL FACEBOOK GROUP. We have more than 1,200 members in the group and growing every day. Click here to go to the group.

PICKLEBALL EQUIPMENT. is a one-stop website for all things pickleball and offers a free 30-day test drive on all their paddles. This is a great place to buy paddles, balls, shoes, ball machines, pickleball apparel and accessories. You can use our discount code CRWilliamsburg at checkout for savings on almost anything in their store.

PLACES TO PLAY LOCALLY. There are 77 pickleball courts spread out across the Williamsburg area, from public courts to private homeowner association courts. Click here to see where to play in the local area,

PICKLEBALL INSTRUCTOR. If you’re looking to up your game, the Williamsburg area is fortunate to have a fabulous pickleball coach, Lisa Hilker who is a PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) certified Instructor specializing in teaching beginner and intermediate players. You can learn more on her Pickleball by Coach Lisa website.

CRBN PICKLEBALL. Blake Pembroke is a brand ambassador for CRBN Pickleball, one of the leading brands in pickleball, and maker of the best paddle in the game for pros and recreational players. Use his professional discount code PBCRBNPRO for a 10% discount on CRBN paddles and gear.

PICKLEBALL DRILLS. The all-time best pickleball drill video is the wall drill by Glen Peterson which shows you how to greatly improve your volleys while practicing on a wall. You can find thousands more drills for all player levels here on YouTube.

BRIONES PICKLEBALL. Jordan Briones is a master of producing clear and easy to follow instructional videos on a wide range of pickleball skills and topics. His instructional videos are available on the Jordan Briones YouTube channel.

PRIMETIME PICKLEBALL. There are hundreds of instructional videos here on all sorts of topics and for all levels of players from beginners to advanced.

OFFICIAL PICKLEBALL RULEBOOK. USA Pickleball is the governing body of pickleball, and the USA Pickleball Official Rulebook contains all the rules of the game.


PPA TOUR. The top professionals compete in Professional Pickleball Association tournaments across the United States throughout the year. The PPA events also have competitions for players of all skill levels. Check out the PPA website for upcoming tour events and see PPA Tour matches on the PPA YouTube channel.

PICKLEBALL CAMPS. There are dozens of organizations offering pickleball camps across the country, and in international destinations. Some camps are held at all-inclusive reports, some in exotic destinations, some on cruise ships. Here are some of the best:

  • Engage Pickleball Camps. Engage offers camps across the United States, in Costa Rica, Mexico and other destinations. Especially look for camps taught by Steve Kennedy or Kevin Beeson.
  • Simone Jardin Pickleball Camps. Simone is the all-time top pro women’s pickleball player, and offers camps in southwest Florida and elsewhere. She also has a large library of short instructional videos on her YouTube channel.
  • LevelUp Pickleball Camps. LevelUp offers 1, 2 and 3-Day Camps in 200 Locations for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.
  • US Sports Camps. Sponsored by Nike, camps are offered across the United States, some taught by current pro league players.

PICKLEBALL TEAM NAMES. Stumped looking for a name for your pickleball team? Click here to see a long list of potential pickleball team names. This list ranges from pickleball pun names, the hopefully humorous names to the downright confident and serious names.