We hope to be able to answer your frequently asked questions regarding the Williamsburg Pickleball Autumn League 2023 below.

Q. When do league matches take place?

Men’s Doubles: Saturday afternoons, September 16 – November 4.

Women’s Doubles: Sunday afternoons, September 17 – November 5.

Mixed Doubles: Monday evenings, September 18 – November 6.

Q. Where are league matches played?

All scheduled league matches take place at Veterans Park on reserved courts in cooperation with James City County Parks and Recreation Department. The address is 3793 Ironbound Road, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Q. What if my team wants to play at a different day, time or place?

If your scheduled opponents agree to play your team on a different day, time or place than that’s OK, as long as your match is completed, and the scores are reported by 11:59 pm of the Wednesday following your originally scheduled match. Notify the league email address that you are planning on not playing at the scheduled time.

Q. What if I can’t play a scheduled match?

Notify your team partner and your scheduled opponents of any dates that you will not be available. The match will result in a forfeit for your team.

Q. What are the number of players on each team?

There are two players on each team: you and your teammate. Teams are not allowed to have substitutes.

Q. What about substitutes?

There are no substitutes in this league. If you or your registered partner cannot play a match, you will forfeit the match.

Q. What pickleball rules will be used in league matches?

All league matches use the current USAPA rules. The complete USAPA rulebook is available here.

Q. How does the ladder league format work?

Teams competing in each category (i.e. women’s doubles, men’s doubles, or mixed doubles) are placed on the ladder from position one on down according to each team’s current ladder rank. Teams that win move up the ladder and teams that lose move down the ladder. How many positions a team moves up or down depends on the results and scores of all teams each week. The details on how match results impact a teams’ ladder position are available here.

Q. What are League Points?

The ladder format ensures that teams will be playing opponents within their comparable skill range each week, since winning teams move up and losing teams move down. This means that advanced players will probably finish on top of the ladder. To make the ladder competitive for all teams of any skill level, we have league points. Teams that have the better match scores (for example, winning 11-0, 11-0) score more league points than teams that win by narrow margins. At the end of the league, the teams with the highest league points will be awarded, regardless of where they end up on the ladder. The league points system is explained here.

Q. Who supplies the pickleballs?

All teams must supply their own pickleballs.

Q. What brand of pickleballs can be used?

All team members must agree on which brand of pickleball will be used for a match. Details about how to handle the situation if teams don’t agree is available here.

Q. What do I need to bring to my league matches?

Each player needs to bring their own water or hydration, their own paddle and pickleballs. Players should consider bringing sunscreen and hat, and if desired, a folding chair.