AUTUMN LEAGUE. Registration for the Williamsburg Pickleball Autumn League in Williamsburg, Virginia, is underway. League play begins Sept, 16 and continues for eight weeks. Registration for the Autumn League closes Sept. 11. Click here for more details.

WILLIAMSBURG PICKLEBALL FACEBOOK GROUP. We have more than 600 members in the group and growing every day. There’s an active chat group for arranging pickleball meetups. Click here to go to the group.

PICKLEBALL NEWS. This is a place to find current pickleball news from news sources across our home planet.

PLACES TO PLAY. There are 77 pickleball courts spread out across the Williamsburg area, from public courts to private homeowner association courts. Click here to see where to play.

LOCAL PICKLEBALL PHOTOS. Add the hashtag #WVAPBLeague to all the photos of your team and matches on Instagram and see all the pictures in one place here.

USEFUL RESOURCES. The pickleball universe is vast and ever expanding. There are professional leagues with live and recorded matches, useful instructional videos and tips, local coaches and much more. Click here to see a list of useful resources.

ARCHIVE. This is the archive for previous league stats and information, as well as anything else that that’s been taken off the main menus. Click here to see the archive.

DISCOUNTS. Pickleball Central offers members a discount on purchases of just about everything in their store, from pickleball paddles, shoes, balls, apparel and accessories. Go to and use the discount code: CRWilliamsburg

I’m a pickleball addict on the road to recovery. Just kidding, I’m on the road to the pickleball courts.

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Life is short, play pickleball!

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