Spring League 2023

Williamsburg Pickleball Spring league registration shows that interest in pickleball is soaring in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. We have many players new to the league who didn’t participate in the Autumn league.

There are 148 players competing in the Spring league on 20 teams, from benniner+ to advanced players.

Spring league play started Saturday, April 15 at Veterans Park for the intermediate and emerging players divisions. Advanced division play began Sunday, April 23.

Below are links for tracking the league schedule, standings and results, as well as other information related to the league,

Spring League Links:


The full list of advanced division teams, standings, schedule and results.


The full list of intermediate division teams, standings, schedule and results.


The full list of emerging division teams, standings, schedule and results.


Detailed scores and players visible in a complete list.


Details on the format and rules for the Spring League


Veterans Park is the reserved location for all league matches.


Details on the role and responsibilities of team captains.


Details on how substitutes are requested and used.


Add the hashtag #WVAPBLeague to your social media league photos and see everyone’s tagged photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by clicking these links.